Are the complex rules and regulations becoming overwhelming? Let us help you navigate the confusing world of legislative requirements. We can help with every step along the way including applying for a license, develop policies and procedures, document review, and even program improvement for established agencies. We provide a holistic approach not only focusing on the business but also the individuals being served.

We specialize in consulting with companies and individuals who serve the developmental delayed and mental illness population under MN State licensures. We bring over 15 years of knowledge and experience with our services, both in business and psychology.

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We have experience under the following licenses:

  • Waivered Services - DD, CADI, BI and EW
  • MN 203 & 144A (Home Care, Housing with Services, Assisted Living)
  • MN 245D Statues (Community-based Residential Setting)
Our services offered ensures that the program operates effectively and meets the needs of the individuals being served.
  • Billing - assistance with MN-ITS billing
  • Financial Review of Profit & Loss - one time or ongoing
  • Responding to RFPs
  • Serve as Mental Health Practitioner/Designated Coordinator
  • Mental Health/Positive Support Training
  • Start-up Service Provider
Preventive Support?
We are able to provide staff and program file audits by conducting on-site visits and mock surveys. During this time, we will identify the areas you are exceeding as well as the areas which needs improvement. We will then review our findings with you and the key personnel to discuss the results and provide recommendations on areas of improvement, if necessary.

Received Citations?
There are times when companies encounter citations and are issue correction orders or conditional licenses - we have vast experience in reviewing these documents and working to ensure that your company will improve on compliance and services.

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There are a few different options available for billing to ensure that it fits within your budget: hourly rates, flat-fee for writing documentations, services, and projects.

** Additional cost will be incurred for travel & lodging expenses outside of the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.