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PSA: African American Capacity Builder
Ramsey County has partnered with the C.A. Ellis & Associates, LLC....
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Business Development
Business Development

Effective business development requires strategy and action - Coach Candice will deliver both. · Process Optimization - aid to identify business and system weaknesses and challenges to assist in finding relevant solutions · Strategic Planning - provide clear direction and metrics for measuring progress · Market Analysis - conduct study of dynamics, opportunities and challenges that exist in any potential market ensuring your process is...

Business Consulting
Business Consulting

Allow Coach Candice and her team to aid in improving your business performance by turning risk and compliance into opportunity and efficiency. · Project Management - plan, coordinate, and execute projects according to specific requirements and constraints to assist the project to be complete on time and within budget · Policy and Procedures Formation - create policies and procedures to fit your company vision and objectives

Live Training
Live Training

C.A. Ellis & Associates, LLC. offers a variety of in person training. Live training offers the unique chance to interact with others. We are certified Red Cross trainers. Adult First Aid/CPR/AED - (5 hours) The Adult First Aid/CPR/AED course incorporates the latest science and teaches students to recognize and care for a variety of first aid emergencies such as burns, cuts, scrapes, sudden illnesses, head, neck, back injuries, heat and...

Online and Blended Training
Online and Blended Training

Online training is the art of knowledge transfer through the internet, from anywhere in the globe to targeted audiences who choose to learn a particular subject. Our online training is constantly developing and improving to enhance our offerings and library of courses in regard to 245D, Comprehensive Home Care, Personal Care Assistant, Mental Health, Administrative and Business. Our online training is a convenient way to ensure your staff meets the...


Are the complex rules and regulations becoming overwhelming? Let us help you navigate the confusing world of legislative requirements. We can help with every step along the way including applying for a license, develop policies and procedures, document review, and even program improvement for established agencies. We provide a holistic approach not only focusing on the business but also the individuals being served. You can easily see my real-time...

Meet Coach Candice
C.A. Ellis & Associates, LLC
Candice began C.A. Ellis & Associates, LLC in 2016 while completing her Masters in Professional Counseling. Candice also possess a Bachelors in Management Information Systems and a Master's in Business Administration with concentration in Health Systems Management.
Candice aided the business to strategically grow the community-based residential agency to a 4M revenue business. Candice played a significant role in all aspects of the business by responding to Request for Proposals to gain the county contract for Assisted Living and Independent Living Options; business plan to acquire funds to purchase building to host new business venture, an Intergenerational Day Center; creating policies and forms for the center and residential services; and developing training for staff.
Piecing Together The Pinnacle Of Success
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